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Binaural Beats are most effective for delta wave. For low delta wave, binaural beats are the only form of brainwave entrainment that is effective. Binaural beats are created by having one pure tone sine wave on the left channel and a different tone on the right channel.  By subtracting the left tone from the right, (or vise versa), this creates the binaural beat. For example, a tone of 180 Hz on the left channel, and a tone of 187 Hz on the right channel, would have a 7 Hz delta, this  would thus create a theta wave 7 Hz binaural beat.

It is best to use headphones with binaural beats, however, if the speakers are placed correctly and you are in "the sweet spot," it will work without headphones as well. You should be able to hear a distinct wobble sound, as opposed to a solid sounding tone. If you hear the wobble, that means it's working.

Binaural Beats have been used for over a couple hundred years. Tones between 150 Hz - 180 Hz are the most soothing. Binaural beats are used as pure tones or mixed with ambient music. Both ways are equally effective. 

Binaural beats will place you in an instant, deep meditation. This will stimulate all different areas of your brain and help balance out the different brainwaves. There are so many great benefits to binaural beat meditation.  You should feel the effect the first time you listen, it's extremely powerful.  

It is best to sit in a meditation posture, or lying down. Listen at a low comfortable volume about 15-60 min per day, or as desired. Two 15 -20 min sessions daily is ideal for most people.  Just relax and let your mind wander,  your breathing  will naturally slow. Never listen while driving. Brainwave entrainment can cause drowsiness, you will be in a deep states of consciousness. We use completely  safe tones in the same range as music. 



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