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Monaural beats are a way of processing binaural beats so they can be used without headphones. This makes monaural beats similar to isochronic tones, they are most effective at 4 Hz  or higher. Monaural beats are smoother than isochronic tones at fast speeds such as gamma wave.  Monaural beats are not quite as effective as isochronic tones however it's really close. The disadvantage  is delta wave, under 4 Hz  is really only effective with binaural beats.

Monaural beats are created by taking a binaural beat and bouncing it to a mono channel. The final result is still stereo. however each channel is exactly  the same as opposed to a binaural beat in which each channel is a different frequency (creating the wobble sound.) A binaural beat and monaural beat sounds very similar, it can be hard to tell the difference. The way you can tell which one is which, is to turn off one speaker. With binaural, once you turn off a speaker, you will hear only a sold tone, with monaural, once you turn off a speaker, you will still hear the wobble sound, this is why you don't need headphones with monaural beats. 

During each session, it is best to sit in a proper meditation position. A regular sitting position, or lying down is also fine as well.  A meditation chair with help place your body in the perfect position of traditional meditation, it helps to keep the spine straight while taking pressure off the legs. Listen at a low comfortable volume about 15-60 min per day, or as desired.  Like with most things in life, moderation is key for perfect balance.  Just relax and let your mind wander. Your breathing  will naturally slow. Never listen while driving, brainwave entrainment can cause drowsiness and deep states of consciousness. We always use completely safe tones within the same range as music.